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Fed Interest Rates & Trade Wars

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Investmark's Mike Lee was invited to provide insight for this morning's edition of Fox Business A.M. on two current topics: Fed rate increases and the possibility of 'trade wars' with China and other countries. Mike made some important points and pointed to potential good news for both savers and investors.  Please click here to watch the video.

Tariffs and Trade Wars

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Monday, March 5, 2018: Investmark's Mike Lee appeared on Fox Business A.M. to discuss the implications of the new tariffs on steel and aluminum that will go into effect this week.

Q1 2018 Economy & Markets

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Hosted by Investmark Managing Principal Jay M. Diamond, the video takes a helpful, easy to understand look at what shaped 2017 and what we might expect as 2018 unfolds.

Mike Lee - Fox Business News 2/27/18

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Investmark Principal Mike Lee appeared on FBN AM to discuss market/tech rally, upcoming remarks from Fed's Jordan Powell and more.

Mike Lee - Guest Appearance on "Mornings with Maria"

Mike Lee - Mornings with Maria


On August 22, 2018 Investmark Principal Michael T. Lee was a featured guest on the Fox News program "Mornings With Maria" guest hosted by Dagen McDowell.  Mike was called upon to comment on market reaction to the President's speech the Monday night prior and on the more general question of "will D.C. division weigh on stocks?"

Investmark Principal Mike Lee on "Wall Street Week" March 24, 2017



On March 23, 2017, Investmark Principal Mike Lee appeared on “Wall Street Week” and fielded questions regarding the economy, the impact of proposed changes by the Trump administration, and a look at what might be ahead for the Fed and interest rates.

Investmark Principal Mike Lee on Fox Business "Risk and Reward" March 10, 2017

MTL on Risk and Reward


Investmark Principal Mike Lee, appeared on the Fox Business program "Risk and Reward" Friday March 13, 2017.  Mike was asked to provide expert commentary on remarks about the U.S. economy made earlier that week by Jamie Dimon, Chief Executive Officer of JP Morgan Chase.

4 Common Pitfalls of Investing

4 Common Pitfalls of Investing


This video, featuring Investmark’s Director of Advisory Services, discusses some very important concepts to help avoid the biggest mistakes that many individual investors can make.